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Delicious, Wholesome Soup Mixes

• Bunches of Broccoli
• Bunches of Broccoli & Cheddar
• Carolina’s Best Bean Soup (a South Carolina tradition)
• Creamy Chunked Potato Chowder (our best seller with Palmetto theme)
• Cheddar Chowder
• Eat Your Greens Spinach Chowder
• Herbed Wild Rice and Mushroom ( enriched and wild rice blend)
• Pumpkin Chowder (available Sept. thru December)
• Sausage Potato Chowder
• Catch of the Day Chowder-just add whatever takes the bait!

Fudge and Pralines

Our Fantastic freshly made fudge-in many flavors (over 40) are available in individually wrapped slices or in full pans
and sold retail in many local stores, at local farmer’s markets, festivals and shipped.

Our rich buttery pecan pralines come individually packaged or in 6 piece gift bag. They are sold retail in many local stores, at local farmer’s markets, festivals and shipped.

Our incredibly rich pure butter Scottish Shortbread cookies or Crisp Biscotti in 2.5 oz packages, gift boxes and gift packs

Incredible Spreadable Dessert Dip Mixes

Delicious, sweet cheesecake-like dips to serve with cookies, crackers and fruit or make delicious trifles and desserts.
Just add cream cheese and margarine or butter

• Apple Orchard with Maple
• Berries Bleu & White Chocolate Too
• Chocolate Covered Cherry-Oh
• Festive Cranberry with Orange & Pecans
• Grandma’s Cookie Jar
• Tropical Lime with Coconut
• Zesty Lemon Poppy Seed
• Pleasingly Pumpkin
• Lime and Almond
• Spicy Fudge & Pecan
• Peanut Butter Passion NEW!
• Peanut Butter Passion with Cocoa NEW!

Dips – Condiments – Marinades

Quick & easy, delicious & preservative free. Created to serve as a creamy dip with vegetables or chips, as a condiment or marinade, or as an herb and oil dipping mix for crusty bread. Simply add regular or plain Greek yogurt and sour cream, or olive oil.

Bagel Blankets

Gourmet bread spread, appetizer and hors d’oeuvre mix. Simply add cream cheese and butter or margarine. Also serve with crackers or raw veggies. Great for meal prep when mixed into casseroles,
meatloaf, meatballs, salmon cakes, etc.

• Bacon with Herbed Veggies and Garlic
• For the Love of Lemon (a sweet version)
• Italian Sunrise (with sun-dried tomatoes)
• Toasted Onion and Sesame
• Spinach & Herb